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sharepoint migration

SharePoint Migration is a big decision. Installing SharePoint requires a lot of preparation beforehand.

Before migrating to SharePoint, extensive interviews are held to scope out the project. Requirements and usage are collected in detail and analyzed along with the existing data. During this process, we deploy our experienced SharePoint Consultants.

The SharePoint Consulting team at Azurebiz has an extensive discussion and meetings with clients before installing and setting up SharePoint. Azurebiz ace SharePoint consulting team chalks a thorough installation strategy and approaches all conversions with a detailed plan. Our team also factors in existing data and ensures that issues that might arise during the migration process are taken care of.

Our SharePoint Migration team leaves nothing to chance.

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We were stuck our previous web company made a mess that no one could fix. Azurebiz fixed it all and takes great care of our website!!!

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Exceptional results! They handled all my website and SEO needs with great aplomb. I never felt the need to look for any other service provider.

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