Confused about Penguin? You’re not alone!

Confused about Penguin? You're not alone!

There is a lot of confusion regarding Penguin update. Even well known bloggers like Barry Schwartz are confused on how and why Penguin update worked.

One can only imagine the hysteria Penguin has prompted among webmasters and search industry. To add to the mess, few other issues also came up almost at the same time as the penguin update – Unnatural links, Negative SEO, and  Over-optimization penalty.

Google started sending unnatural link warning  through Google webmaster tools. Realising that unnatural links can really get hurt a site’s rankings, the rumour that negative SEO exists picked up pace. Negative SEO refers to the act of placing backlinks of a competitor on shady sites which have a bad reputation or sell links blatantly with a hope that Google will notice it and suitably penalize the site.

Google also announced that it will start dishing out over-optimization penalty.

The sites that got hit by Penguin penalty shared characteristics of everything – poor link profile, paid link profile and over-optimization. So when the Penguin soup was served to people, no one could make out which ingredient gave it that bitter taste.

So if your site also was hit by Penguin update and are wondering why you were picked out then don’t worry (actually you should worry and read this to get out of Penguin update), you’re not alone.

After all, even so-called experts and industry insiders are confused.


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