Chinese Are Doing It, But SEOs Should Not!

Chinese are unstoppable! Trust them to shake up the world every once in a while. But now what a Chinese construction company is aiming to build is just astounding. It’s not just what they are trying to build but the how quickly that has raised eyebrows. The company called BSB (Broad Sustainable Building) wants to construct the world’s tallest building to be called Sky City of 838 meters and that too in measly 90 days. Yes, you have heard it right. (

Bad Idea? Chinese to make the world's tallest building in 3 months

Just 3 months to build the tallest building using prefab building technology. Will they succeed in doing it is questionable and still more questionable is if the building will be safe for its inhabitants?

If any aspiring SEO or company is taking cue from BSB and thinking of doing the same albeit in link building then, I have one advice – Prepare for failure.

Many SEO clients have a very short time frame in which they want to achieve top rankings in Google. Most of the time SEO companies willingly or unwillingly agree to such timeframes to get business and set themselves for grand failures.

Google and other search engines such as Bing constantly spider the web, retrieve the information and update their search databases. After lot of data crunching according to the search algorithms, the websites are ranked.

Any SEO work done to improve rankings takes times. It can be anywhere from few months to a year.  For good and stable rankings, consistent SEO efforts are needed. Backlinks have to be built over a period of time using various techniques.

Building backlinks in the same manner as the Chinese are building towers and hotels is not the way to go. In recent times, Google has been coming down hard on paid links and low quality links. Any unnatural and sporadic increase in backlinks will surely incur Google’s wrath.

A link building campaign which seeks to acquire large amount links in a short amount of times will invariably means getting low quality links or paid links. To even think that Google will turn a blind eye is the height of optimism. In fact it will be as tall as the Sky City if it ever will be built and will fail like the building.

So, while Chinese may be doing it, SEO should not do link building in such a manner.


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