Can You Get Top Rank with Comment Spamming?

All of you avid bloggers must be aware of spam comments that plague your blogs. Any decent blog gets hundreds or possibly thousands of spam comments every day.

But why do these spammers spend so much time and money spamming thousands of blogs? Does comment spamming really benefit in any way? Can comment links really get good rankings for a website?

Same question was posed by a webmaster on Google’s webmaster forum. (

Get SEO Success with Comment Link SPAM?
I’m really confused as to how and why Google would allow for one of our competitors who’s entire linking profile comprises of +90% comment link spamming tactics across the web to be ranking so well for a very competitive keyword.

His grouse is that he has analyzed the backlink profile of the site though various link checking tools like,, SEO-spyglass and discovered that +90% of links are comment spam links. The site in question is doing very well across all the highly competitive keywords. The questioner attributes the site’s SEO success to spam links from comments.

Comment Spamming for Good Rankings?


I believe that the webmaster is mistaken in his assessment of the backlinks and their impact on the rankings for these reasons:

  1. Comment links are mostly “nofollowed”. There is no SEO value derived from nofollow links. So you can discount a substantial portion of these links from comments. The questioner is silent on how many links were dofollowed and nofollowed. Even if few blogs allowed dofollow links, were they enough to make a site rank so dominantly?
  2. Google has time and again strived to make such linkspam ineffective through algorithm updates such Penguin update. So it’s highly unlikely that a site can get good ranks solely on the basis of linkspam.
  3. The questioner focused solely on comment link spam which according to him constituted 90% of the link profile. He didn’t mention what kind of those 10% clean links were? A good link is much more valuable than we may imagine. Even if the site has a 90% spam links which (according to me) give him ZERO benefit, a portion of 10% clean links may well be benefitting the website in terms of SEO. These valid links may have been of high quality and very relevant. An oversight by the questioner?
  4. When comment spam is undertaken it is normally done in bulk (we are speaking of hundreds and thousands). Even if we assume that the website got 900 links from comments. That means the website has 100 genuine links. If among these 100 odd valid links, there are few high PR links on trusted sites, then the site’s SEO success can be attributed to these links and not the linkspam.
  5. The questioner is obviously biased in this assessment because he has not even mentioned the quality of the website. There is strong possibility that the site which is so successful and dominates the niche across all major keywords could be a really GOOD site. Why is to so out of the realm of possibility that the “offending” site is successful because of its intuitive UX, superb product/services, and great content!
  6. Link checking tools cannot be fully trusted to mine all the possible links. Only the biggest of the search engines like Google and Bing have the resources mine all the web. Any third party tool however good cannot give you the whole picture.

The fact is that the analysis of the questioner is colored because he is biased. That’s expected and we all are guilty of this. After all we are humans. If an unbiased analysis of the site is undertaken by the questioner I’m sure, he will discover the real reasons the competitor’s site has been successful. And these reasons are more likely to be:

  1. Good UI/UX
  2. Great content
  3. Great links( Which the site gets because of great content & marketing)
  4. Social signals

and much more…

Has comment spamming worked for you? Has anyone taken the path of relying solely of just commenting and has got great results?
Share your experiences with us!


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